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Poems in Journals:

           "Not Pregnant Again." The Los Angeles Review (forthcoming)

           "I Talk With a Mouth That Can't Get Up." Annulet: A Journal of Poetics (forthcoming)

           "Ophelia in the Swanning." Issue 15, Poetry South (forthcoming)

            "Sister As Outlasting Character." Beaver Magazine (2023) Web.

            "Elegy Against." Always Crashing  (2023) Web.

“Body of Shoelace" and "The Lilacs Were Wild in the Graveyard." Figure 1  (2022) Web. 

"Still During the Russian Invasion" and "Ode to the Line." Jet Fuel Review  (2022): Web. *Nominated for a pushcart prize 

"During the Russian Invasion" and "Seventh Elegy" Birdcoat Quarterly (2022): Web.

"On Hunger and Birthing.” American Literary Review (2020): Web.

“Galeless.” Colorado Review (2019): Print.

“Shuyet.” Bayou Magazine (2019): Print.

3 poems. Action, Spectacle (2019): Web

“Chorus Song no. 3.” Breakwater Review (2018): Web.

Three Poems. Patient Sounds: Window 2 (2016): 21-23. Web.

“The Auctioneer’s Daughter.” The Thought Erotic (2015): Web.

“Palimpsest.” Anamesa Journal 13.2 (2015): 9. Print/Web.


Creative Nonfiction in Journals:

           "Anti-" The Palisades Review (forthcoming): Print & Web.

“An Offering of Space.” Heavy Feather Review (2020): Web.  *Nominated for Best of Net


Book Reviews:

"World-building in ABC Moonlight by Ben Estes." Gasher Journal (2022) Web.

"Recovery Work in Jameson Fitzpatrick's Pricks in the Tapestry.” Gasher Journal (2020) Web. 

"Ending in Planes by Ruth Ellen Kocher." Volta Blog (2015) Web.

"Paradise Drive by Rebecca Foust." Volta Blog (2015) Web.

"Think Tank by Julie Carr." Volta Blog (2015) Web.


            “An Interview with Jared Boyd.” Gasher Journal (2019) Web.

“An Interview with Poet Zachary Schomburg.” Timber Literary Journal (2018) Web.

"An Interview with Poet Susan Briante." Timber Literary Journal  (2016) Web.

"Letter Machine Editions an Interview with Joshua Marie Wilkinson." Subito Press (2016) Web.


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