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Having worked as an editor and screener for several literary presses, a writing tutor for student-athletes at OSU, a private tutor for ESL scholars, and an instructor in creative writing and composition, I find joy in working with writers to perfect their craft. I began my copyediting service in 2019 and have since worked closely with writers of both creative and academic genres including creative manuscripts, scholarly articles, dissertations, and more. 

The poets I've worked on books with include, among many others:

Rushi Vyas (Between Us, Not Half a Saint)

Oscar Mancinas (Jaula)

Josh Bettinger (A Dynamic Range Of Various Designs For Quiet)

I have worked with several scholars on dissertations, academic articles, and student writing. 


"After almost forty years, I returned to college to complete my bachelor’s degree. One of my required classes was Ag Communications, consisting of one writing assignment after another. I did not realize how rusty my writing skills had become until I began composing my first assignment. Whitney and I hit it off right from the start! Whitney guided me constructively, allowing me to find and correct my mistakes. She worked with me, making helpful suggestions, guiding me through my many assignments. As a testament to her excellent tutelage, I earned an A in Ag Communications, no small feat. Thank you, Whitney, I could not have done it without you!" - Pamela Sharp

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 5-day editing for academic articles (1,500-6,000 words)

7-day editing for academic articles (up to 9,000 words)

Dissertation and larger academic works (over 9,000 words)

   *Return time for completed manuscripts are determined based on       word count.  Average return spans between 4-6weeks. 

Creative manuscripts of any length/genre 

$0.02 per word​


$0.02 per word

$0.03 per word

Please submit an inquiry for individual pricing.


Thanks for submitting!

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